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What if I said the solution to every single struggle you face and the reason for constant yo-yo dieting has nothing to do with calories or workouts?

…even if you’ve been struggling for YEARS or potentially decades

…even if you’ve tried every single diet or solution out there.

...even if you've gained and lost the same 13 pounds more times than you can count.

...even if you find yourself with pizza crusts all over the floor around you having no recollection of how they got there

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Inside the academy there's a module for every single thing you struggle & the tactics on how to fix it forever:

  • Module 1) Intro & why this?
  • Module 2) How to fix your relationships with food
  • Module 3) Becoming bulletproof around the scale
  • Module 4) Breaking free from binge eating
  • Module 5) How to change your identity
  • Module 6) The science of sabotage & how to stop it
  • Module 7) Mental health & fat loss
  • Module 8) How to keep promises to yourself
  • Module 9) Inner child & weight loss
  • Module 10) Mediation & journaling 101
  • Module 11) How to build new habits 101
  • Module 12) How to recognize driving
  • Module 13) Your R.A.S. & weight loss
  • Module 14) How to make progress in chaos
  • Module 15) Overcoming perfectionism & the all/nothing mentality
  • Module 16) How to fix the knowing/doing gap
  • Module 17) Principles to keep your weight off forever 
  • Bonus Basics #1: How to calculate your calorie deficit & set macros for weight loss
  • Bonus Basics #2: How to audit & adjust your own progress
  • Bonus Basics #3: Action taking 101
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Well hey there, welcome to my corner of the internet :)

My name is Jared Hamilton. I’m a coach, dog dad, blue belt in jiu-jitsu, and have a giant tree tattooed on my left arm.
If you aren’t very familiar with me or my work and are a little concerned with my credibility I totally get it.
To give you a little context I’m kind of a mash up: I grew up as fat kid and struggled with my own shit for most my life. I've been professionally coaching people for the last decade, helping hundreds of people all over the world and I've built, scaled, and own my global coaching business—Hamilton Trained.
Oh and my favorite food is donuts (Maple glazed, cream filled long John for those curious).
If that impresses you that's dope, but if not that’s fine too. My dog Remi is pretty impressed with me if I have his favorite treat so I’m solid.
But amongst all the dog dad stuff I’m a coach that helps people all over the world in all walks of life—but mostly shitty ones. 


I’m here to help fix everything you struggle with and radically shift your entire perspective and understanding of fat loss.

Because the truth is this: I’m just like you—despite having the title of 'coach.'
Growing up I always struggled with my weight. I was always the fat kid who loved food and I’m just a normal person—not someone who likes to go to the gym and eat perfect when they’re bored.
Not only did I struggle with getting results, I struggled to keep them. Not to mention all the other gross stuff.
Binge eating, emotional eating, self sabotage, being scared of food, food obsession, no confidence, blah blah blah…sound familiar?

But because I've been through it all, I know how to fix it.
All of it.



  • End binge eating so it never controls you again.
  • Stop emotional eating in it's tracks & learn how to keep your headspace in check.
  • Achieve total freedom from with food so you can lose weight, & never have fear or anxiety around food ever again.


  • End unconscious self-sabotage so you never yo-yo diet ever again.
  • Learn the science of sabotage so you never lose your results ever again
  • Ultimately love the way you look, love the way you feel, & be able to get off the struggle bus forever



  • Learn how to get out of your own way so you can live the life you were meant for
  • Master your inner game so you can have the transformation you've been working so hard for
  • Fix your entire mental foundation that's been sabotaging you for years.

Don't take my word for it, here's Ashely's story...

"Working with Jared has been a wild ride.

Within weeks I was already healing my emotional eating and extremist behaviours through journaling and learning to sit with my thoughts and emotions.

Through my inner work, learning to trust myself by keeping promises I make to myself I have gained healing from my past and am closer everyday to my fat loss goals.

I have become confident in who I am, liking the way I look and feel in my own skin while not being afraid of the quiet moments alone with myself.

I have also improved my marriage and relationships with family, friends and co workers. I no longer try to outwork a poor diet, I win every week and am more grateful than I’ve ever been for everything in my life big and small.

I’ve never been happier in my life.

None of these things would have been possible for me had I not found Jared and also had the support of his tribe.

The people here are always supportive and willing to offer a perspective you may have missed on first glance."

~Ashley M.

When trying to figure everything out on your own execution isn’t consistent, results are small to none, and the feelings of discouragement are high.

When going through the 180 Academy:

  •  You have 100% certainty about what exactly to do, why you’re doing it, & seeing the results for yourself
  •  You are held completely accountable by the most amazing support group on the internet so falling off and not showing up for yourself doesn’t happen
  •  You get results in a way that is completely sustainable so you never yo-yo with your weight ever again
  •  ​You learn the exact strategies and tactics to fix your struggles at the source ultimately ending sabotage
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I'll make this even more of a no brainer for ya :)

If after 30 days you’re not feeling it, I’ll give you your money back.
So now it's no risk at all.
Here’s the truth—I believe in this program so much. I know the power of it but it only works if you do the work.

PS--if you're on the fence about just keep this in mind...

[I may not know you super well or your deepest, darkest secrets but I'm going to pretend like I do]

You’ve been struggling more than likely for years (decades maybe?).
Not only being frustrated but hating the way you look and feel.
I would even wager it goes deeper than that.
Do you feel like a failure?
Do you hate looking at yourself in the mirror?
Do you put on that favorite outfit and check every angle possible and live in insecurity the rest of the night?
Or did you not even make it that far before putting the outfit back in your closet and put on that oversized outfit you still hate?
If you were nodding your head, we can help.
Not only with weight loss and getting you to a place where you love the way you look…
But loving the way you feel.
Loving wearing that outfit you used to hide in the back of the closet.
Dare I even say it—loving yourself because you did the damn thing.
This is how we can help.
Keep in mind if you don’t sign up now you have just 72 hours to decide to hop on board otherwise the opportunity will be gone.

PPS...You made it this far--I know you're serious

So why wait?

Think about it. The longer you wait the longer your problems and struggles get worse.
Imagine waiting and in 8 months looking back being in the exact same place you're at right now and wishing you started back then.
This happens all the time.
Imagine if 3 years ago we did this.
People tell me all the time:
“I wish I joined your program 10 years ago”
“I wish I had this content when I started losing weight”
“If I did this the right way back then it would have saved me so much struggle and defeat” 
Think about how much staying where you're at now is costing you? Money? Time? Quality of life? Experiences? 
You can change this right now.

[ The time has come ]

180 your entire life & never struggle with losing weight ever again.

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FAQ: "Can I go at my own pace through the course?"

Yep, this is 100% on your own at your own pace.

This way you can take your time, go back through stuff, no be in a hurry, and go through as many times & at whatever speed you want.

FAQ: "Is there a monthly fee?"

Nope, not at all. This is a once you buy it it's yours kind of thing.

No monthly membership, no extra ongoing dues, nothing of the sort.

FAQ: "What if I have issues that aren't in the course?"

To be honest the way I designed this that's not going to happen. After working with real people for the last decade I made this course where you will have answers to every single thing that you're going through (and if for some reason I still got you!)

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